This is the end...

This is the end, my only friend, the end...

The Three-Headed Monkey closes; its 60 posts will remain on the Internet until the end of times (or until blogger decides to pull the switch). I will keep writing about video games, the current research project, and whatever is coming after that, but not here. So, it's not really an end, it's more like a change of venue.

I'll invite all of you, people of the Internet, to my new home: danielmuriel.com. Not very original, isn't it? Very functional nonetheless.

Just one last song:

Bye, bye! See you on the other... site.


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    What Does Profit Tell You?
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    If interest is $5,000 and taxes are one other $5,000, internet profit is calculated by deducting both of these from working profit. In the example of Company A, the reply is $20,000 minus $10,000, which equals $10,000. Divide internet profit by gross sales for the web profit margin, which is 10%. Profit is the cash a business pulls in after accounting for all bills.
    What Is The Formula For Calculating Profit Margins?
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    Profit - Legal Definition
    Profitability is solely the capacity to make a revenue, and a revenue is what's left over from income earned after you could have deducted all costs and expenses associated to earning the revenue. The formulas you might be about to study can be utilized to gauge a company's efficiency and to match its efficiency against other equally-located companies. Sometimes, profit margin is confused with internet profit, however there's a difference between profit and revenue margin. Profit reveals the dollar amount your small business keeps after prices, not the percentage. Profit margin is a metric you need to use to see how a lot money your corporation is making.
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