Competitive gaming from Pac-Man to League of Legends: What happened in the middle?

Can someone explain to me how competitive gaming got from here...

...to here?

I've already written about pro gaming in other entries, but it still amazes me the heights that competitive gaming has reached. From the quiet emptiness of the Milwaukee County Stadium, only disturbed by the monotonous echo of Pac-Man's tune, to the roaring masses gathered to watch League of Legends' Season 3 World Finals at the Staples Center in LA. 

It makes me shiver the current prize pool of The International Dota 2 Championships to be held at Seattle Center's Keyarena: $6,457,455 (and still growing). Yes, almost 6 millions and a half. That was the last time I checked. If you look now, it will be probably higher. 

Seriously, what happened in the middle?


  1. jajjajaj me encanta este post, los vídeos no tienen precio!!!!

  2. Así es, Nuria, increíble cómo han cambiado la escena del competitive gaming!