Long live to the three-headed monkey!

The other day I was watching Tim Schafer in the special PBS Game/Show on humour in video games and something suddenly shocked me: the famous line that gives name to this blog  - Look behind you! A three-headed monkey! - could have not existed. Schafer was working in Monkey Island writing a dialogue in which Guybrush needed to distract the villagers and came up with that line, but he immediately thought it was stupid and was sure Ron Gilbert, the leader of the project, would get rid of it. 

One of the best lines in the history of video games and Schafer almost take it out! Fortunately, they kept the line, everyone is happy and this blog exists. Imaging life without the three-headed monkey is like gazing upon a bleeding wound in the space-time continuum. Long live to the three-headed monkey!

And monkeys are always funny, three-headed or otherwise. Period.


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