Diaries from The Forest (vol. 2): surviving on the beach

This is the second volume of my particular Diaries from The Forest series. This is based on alpha 0.01To know more about these diaries, please, have a look at the first volume.

Surviving on the beach
This time I was determined to last longer. The last time I was surrounded very soon, so I decided to get away from the plane crash site as soon as I could. I shortly found what I considered that it might have been a good place to settle: a beach.

I collected some supplies from the suitcases that were scattered all over the beach. I mainly found rags, snack bars, alcohol and tennis balls. A funny loot.

While I was looking for the best spot to build my shelter, I found a dead shark on the shore. Flies were buzzing around it.

Then I saw a turtle. Thinking it could be of some use, I killed it. In the end, there was no use for it. Neither could I eat it nor could I harvest its shell. Poor thing.

I decided to put the shelter next to the lifeless animals. Probably not one of my smartest moves. I started gathering logs, sticks and rocks to build it. I come across some weird things: a bird alighted on the middle of the air and bottles flying from nowhere.

While I was gathering a couple of logs, hostile individuals spotted me. Strangely enough, they didn't come after me, so I continued working on the shelter.

Since I didn't want to attract more unwanted attention, I decided to head towards other parts of the forest to collect the rest of the 'ingredients' I needed for my shelter. In my way to cut down more trees, I stumbled across a corpse. I tried to chop the body into pieces in order to erect an effigy. As many other odd things happening in this beach, I wasn't even able to scratch the thing (wasn't weird enough wanting to make an effigy from body parts?).

After felling a couple of trees, I suddenly found myself surrounded by the enemy. I didn't see or hear them coming.

I backed up cowardly and jump into the water hoping they weren't going to follow me. I hid under some rocks in the waters.

Completely soaked, I took comfort from the view of the rainbow ahead of me. A beautiful scenery for hell.

Once I was sure they weren't around, I gathered my courage and came back to the beach. No sign of them. Good. I made a Molotov cocktail just in case they showed up again.

Feeling as please as punch, I set it on fire. I felt powerful, bigger than the mountains beyond the forest. The Molotov's fire beautifully blended with the last rays of sunshine. 'Come to me now if you dare,' I said to myself. Silly of me.

Inebriated with self-confidence, I accidentally dropped the cocktail burning myself. How ridiculous.

After all that foolishness, I felt tired and decided to have a nap. So far, no sign of foes.

I woke up freezing, with those beasts staring at me. Quickly, I made a new Molotov cocktail. Ha! I got you! I threw the cocktail at them with determination. I missed. Not looking good.

They're on me. I'm scared. Should I confront them? I don't think I'm strong enough. I plunged into water again and swam to a stranded yacht.

The yacht became my temporary safe haven but I could see them lurking on the shore. They are waiting for me. There is no escape. Sooner or later I would have to get out of the yacht if I didn't want to die from starvation or exposure.

So be it. I returned to the beach to confront them. Whatever happens. It's them or me. More have joined the pack to hunt me down. Well, here I am. Five against one. I was clearly outnumbered. I fought bravely. Nevertheless, I went down.

I woke up in the cave. Familiar place, known atrocities. 'Get out here now,' I told myself. No reason to stay more than what is strictly necessary.

I came across two hostile beings in my way out. Vainly overconfident, I attacked them without taking any precaution. Fearless but stupid.

Stronger and faster than me, they killed me in a wink of an eye.

This time I survived 3 days. That's some improvement. I still don't know who these people are and why they keep attacking me or where my kid is. And what about the infection? Does every living creature in the island carry the disease? Too many questions and not a single answer yet. We'll see what happens in future diaries.

Compare my adventures on the beach to this guy's first contact with it:

Source: BaronVonGamez, Youtube.


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